82 - Avengers: Age of Swan Song

JT and Stefan, or as many call them, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes*, watched Avengers: Age of Ultron and they were super pumped for it (both went to the bathroom multiple times beforehand). So did it reach the heavens like the mighty Odinson? Or did it sink to the depths like, um, that Triathalon guy who joined the Avengers in the 90s? More importantly, how do the dudes end up singing a TV theme song from their childhoods? FIND OUT HERE.

*Proof not found

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81 - Dolph Day Afternoon

Still giddy from their excursion to Supanova the lads wrestle with guilt over a lonely 80’s superstar, Sharpies on nipples and what to call their Daredevil themed bar they’ll probably never open.

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80 - Happiest Good Time Fun Episode

Determined to turn out a breezy, fun episode for Easter and April Fool’s Day, the Level 30 Lads have a chat about terrorism, September 11, religious intolerance, anthrax and JT’s latest project: The Organic People’s Militia in Support of the Drone Uprising.

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79 - Needs More Apocalypse

JT - possible psychopath, welcomes the zombie apocalypse, loves renewable energy.

SD - Loves Netflix, reads books, sees the light on glad wrap.

Both - Forget Trey MacDougal/Agent Dale Cooper’s real name.

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78 - Joker, Not Jokes

Some people are mad about a comic book cover with Batgirl and Joker on it. Some people are offended. Some people are mad at the people that are offended. Some people are offended about how mad some people are. It’s very complicated.

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77 - Good Shot, Janson!

Stefan and JT resist the lure of the ladies at “the club” to deliver a steaming hot bowl of nonsense chowder. Between reminiscing about 80’s toys and plugging other peoples’ podcasts, we still manage to get some nerd discussion on S.H.I.E.L.D, Star Wars, Bojack Horseman and Stefan’s blazing fast review of Civilisation: Beyond Earth.

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76 - Cosmic Speckoid Galaxariums

JT has just gotten up for a nap and Stefan’s new glasses have got him all out of sorts, making for a bit of a weird episode in which JT tries to reverse engineer a new nickname for his four-eyed friend.

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75 - In Utero Memories

Basking in the glow of the savior, Stefan is educated on what a Smart TV is after JT’s suggestion of a donkey named Peter as a replacement remote control is rejected.

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