10 - Thor: Thorry or Thatisfied? - Part 1

The Level 30 Gods of Thunder celebrate reaching the double digit episode milestone with the first of a two-part episode ripping through Thor’s latest cinematic outing like a bolt of lightning from the mighty Mjölnir itself.

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09 - Gadgets: The Gravy of Life

The meal: A flavoursome gadget chat with undertones of infidelity and heavy petting is served alongside a cassoulet of ruined lives before the course segues into Segways. To follow, a dessert of Microsoft love and a hate-machine pressed troll, all wrapped in a stale bread roll and soaked in gravy.

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08 - Brunswick Knowles

Why do they cancel all good cartoons after season 2? Why did Kevin Rudd kill Batman? Why must news.com.au spoil comic books? Why didn’t they throw a bigger air-conditioner at Michael Bay? What if Wolverine died? Find out the answer to one of these questions in a brand new Level 30.

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07 - Curdled Nerd Yoghurt

Stefan loves LOST and won’t shut up about it. JT finally starts watching Breaking Bad. Harry Townsend reviews the show in iTunes and is the best.

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06 - Holy Bat Tracheotomy

Setting out to tear down the self righteous ownership personality traits displayed by many geeks in relation to their favourite pop culture properties, the boys then bathe in their own hypocrisy when the subject turns to “their” Star Wars.

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05 - Boss Dog: Agent of SHIELD

JT’s highly-organised television viewing roster scheme comes under Stefan’s scrutiny before the guys turn their attention to Marvel’s Agents of Shield: Will it be an awesome live action Gotham Central or the next Birds of Prey? Also: other shows!

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04 - Suck That, Rambo!

This week the dudes nominally talk about geeks coming out on top of pop culture, but really ramble on about growing up inside, technology, how weird podcasting is and a mutual hatred of electronic whiteboards.

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03 - Celebrated Loud Mouths

We’ve all been asking it about Stefan and JT: pod-grown? Vat clones? Sentient plantcopters? Find out where they come from in this, their retroactive prequel origin story.

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