66 - Little Wannabe Drummer Boy

Star Wars! Terminator! Mad Max! Jurassic World! So many trailers you guys! It’s like a swarm of trailers! Also JT was attacked by a swarm of bees.

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While pondering their current video game addictions and how to best raise children, Stefan stumbles across JT’s weird fascination with the antics of [REDACTED] down at their local [REDACTED].

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64 - Interstellar Review: Many Space

Kneel before JT: Infinite Lord of IMAX! We saw Interstellar and we both agree that there was lots of space in it and the space bits were great. Space! We have markedly different opinions on the other bits, though. Murph!

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63 - Jurassic Yarn

Just because we could make a podcast, doesn’t mean we should have. This hold even truer when you consider this week not only covers the ethical implications of Lego worms, but also the telling of Peter the Pickup Artist Dolphin…we truly are terrible lizards.

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62 - Stefinitely Halal

Protip: Do not listen to a Red Foo song before recording a podcast unless you want to shout for 30 minutes. JT is also mad at a campaign to stop chocolate milk going healthy. Stefan is also angry at anti-Halal weirdos and is trying to make “Stefinitely” a thing. Such rage. Many mad. Wow.

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61 - Four in the Panned

The creatures from Broken Hill put down their Dippy Dogs and half tied ties long enough for Stefan to wax lyrical about an old tv favourite while JT espouses the “doin’ it advantage” of various mythical creatures.

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60 - JT Accidentally Buys a Car

Not a trick! Not an imaginary story! JT really bought a car by accident! He also went to IMAX and saw some TV shows. It’s been a big week.

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59 - Punchline

Chock full of Thanos and with less finesse than Wildebeest eating breakfast cereal, the Level 30 Marvel Zombie Mega-nerds return to discuss the latest Marvel movie announcements, 9 hours of Batman and…fitness?

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