58 - Episode D79/5-4725#BLAHBLAH@_NOTINSTOCK

How does one make sense of a world where vacuum cleaners still have bags? Sometimes life can be hard to understand, even for a couple of podcast jocking legends like the Level 30 lads. Listen as they try to divine some sort of meaning to it all.

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57 - Gigantic Jar of Fluff

Things you will learn of this week: JT’s fave cocktail and breakfast cereal, Stefan’s first drinking experience, what the early buzz is on Sky Tax, and how the dudes feel about circuses.

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56 - Gate Gate Gate Gate

What’s better than a preview of this year’s exciting new TV shows by two men who haven’t watched them yet? Did you say a free U2 album? Because no, it’s actually JT playing a perfect A on his kazoo.

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55 - Drone Boned

Sometimes on Level 30, our imaginations get away from us like a steaming locomotive full of the last remaining inhabitants of earth…or something. All aboard the Pod-train as this week’s Drone News takes an unexpected turn.

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54 - Podblock

Year two of Level 30 kicks off in the way we intend to continue - meandering chuckle fuel! Resplendent in shorts, the lads put aside their politically motivated rage to discuss the futuristic marvel that is sunscreen, whether Ello is a thing for non-hipsters, if flying monkeys are the ideal minion and what the Queen sounds like. You know, same old.

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53 - 15 Levels of Fun

Lingering on the internets like the smell of urine on the loaner pants in primary school, Stefan and JT celebrate 1 year of not being good people, drone news, Michael Bay hate, comic books, video games and listener alienation. Also, for the first time we are…COMPLETELY UNEDITED!!!!

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52 - Bumper Birthday Spectacular

It’s a very special episode of Level 30! Friend of the show and in house artist Ry joins us as our first ever special guest! Will things ever be the same? #trololol

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51 - The Rat and The Turts

Brutally smacking you in the face like those nunchuks you made from a broom handle as a kid, the Level 30 heroes in the no shell hit you with their rambling views on the Ninja Turtle’s latest cinematic mutation.

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