50 - Interject of Destruction

Breaking the half a tonne mark, what starts of as a review of the revised Roster(™) quickly turns into a criticism of everything on TV, all the horrible people involved and, of course…DC comics’ humourless antics.

M4A: Download (Duration: 33:51 — 16.1 MB)

49 - Citric Dust Withdrawal

KNEEL BEFORE TANG! The Level 30 lads, fuelled by sugar-laden orange drank, discuss JT’s recent illness, dinosaurs, Bing, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, absolutes and the stress Mario Kart places on relationships. TANG YOU DIG IT?

M4A: Download (Duration: 31:19 — 14.9 MB)

48 - Oh My Guardians

In an episode impregnated with importance the Level 30 Space Racoon and his Plant Man sidekick offer up all their feels on Marvel’s latest cinematic van full of high fives: Guardians of the Galaxy.

M4A: Download (Duration: 33:27 — 15.9 MB)

47 - Choose Your Own Podventure

When you think of Melbourne-based tangent focused podcasts that come online every Tuesday…probably…you need to think of Level 30. In a podcasting revolution, you can choose your own adventure path through this episode (note: default configuration ships with only 1 adventure. Other adventures available for $9.95)

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46 - Last Episode Ever?

Stefan is seeing Guardians of the Galaxy before JT, so JT cancels the podcast forever. Stefan reveals that he has been dealing with cancer though, retaining the high ground faster than Obi-Wan.

M4A: Download (Duration: 33:35 — 16.0 MB)

45 - KKK in the Publishing Way

Pretty much everything we say in this episode was supposed to be edited out because it’s gross. We didn’t edit anything though. Sorry. We did talk about Thor being a lady soon, Weird Al being awesome and what we’ll name our kids.

M4A: Download (Duration: 34:21 — 16.4 MB)

44 - Supertechnological Death Shamen

It’s Show and Tell time on Level 30. Unfortunately, most of the showing and telling is Stefan rabbiting on about his new comic books. Fortunately the Level 30 listeners have provided a reprieve by sending in some fresh Drone News articles for JT.

M4A: Download (Duration: 34:33 — 16.4 MB)

43 - Aldebraan

While Stefan constantly hovers on the edge of an explosive sneeze, JT hosts one of the more random conversations in Level 30 history. Join us for some cartoon reviews, drone news and Matchbox 20 fanfic, won’t you?

M4A: Download (Duration: 32:49 — 15.6 MB)