42 - Transformers: Fob’s iGoBots

JT has seen Transformers: Age of Extinction and attempts to explain it to Stefan. It doesn’t go well. Despite some good IDW shout-outs and a nice air conditioner cameo, JT doesn’t rate the film all too highly. Stefan still suspects he just made all this up because of how ridiculous it is. Please join us in the Bay Area.

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41 - Two Solid Champs

With more hate but less acid wash jeans than an episode of Friends, the 2 solid champs conquer physics and nitpickers with one fell swoop. Now with 10x more heavy breathing.

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40 - The Last 200 Days

In a world where weavers are assassins and also looms exist, The Omnicrown Cannibal King and The One Who is Just provide an aural service listened to by vigilantes. In this episode they explain how democracy works then unilaterally dismiss all criticism before mourning the loss of Rik Mayall.

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39 - Timesplosion

Nothing is simple when it comes to life. Nothing it fast when it comes to Stefan’s Thai Food. Nothing is more exciting to JT than spotting a real, live drone. Back from their time travelling exploits, cover yourself in chicken grease and roll on in to another episode with JT and the Colonel.

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38 - Whacko TuJacko, HoloHarbinger

In a dumb world where people are persecuted for injecting a little bit of song into their work day and the hologram overlords rule with iron fists (can holograms be iron?); 2 men dare to speak their minds about the Big Issues. They call themselves Level 30.

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37 - X-Men: Days of Future Podcast

Lie back, relax and let Kitty Pryde project your consciousness back in time to a point where the Level 30 lads offered up their thoughts on X-Men: Days of Future Past, or you could save the pain and just listen to the recording of it.

M4A: Download (Duration: 37:28 — 17.8 MB)

36 - Hipstermus Prime

Coming soon to a screen in front of your face SO MANY GEEK THINGS!!! In between gorging on fried chicken and failing to recognise themselves, the resident Level 30 lizard brains discuss the cavalcade of geeky trailers that have piled up over the last week or two.

M4A: Download (Duration: 35:43 — 17.0 MB)

35 - Sack Your MC

When a listener says JT is obviously the #sexy host and Stefan his bespectacled sidekick, Stefan retaliates in the only way he knows how - constant talking. Tune in for tales of #bearding, potato politics, Star Wars Legends, a breakdown of fictional magic rulesets and the best wedding in the galaxy.

M4A: Download (Duration: 43:40 — 20.7 MB)