34 - Amazing Spiderman 2: Electric Boogaloo - Part 2

Leaping off from the final inhale of last weeks’ Amazing Spiderman 2 review, the scabbed over and angry Level 30 guys have had enough of being trampled on by society and unleash part 2 of their Spidey review with the fury of a blue penis-less man.

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33 - Amazing Spiderman 2: Electric Boogaloo - Part 1

The Level 30 lads are deeply conflicted about the new Spidey film, which leads to a tangled web of discussion in this, part one of a bumper review.

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32 - #GoT #ZOMG

The gents lament the lack of #GoT #ZOMG etiquette taking place on the web and in fact, the lack of etiquette on the web in general. Muppet JT finally makes his Level 30 debut and eventually Stefan dishes the dirt on the new SimCity game.

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31 - The Salad Days

If the dulcet tones of Level 30 have just awoken you from a coma, you’ve probably not had a very Hafe Easter and are no doubt wondering what the hell is going on. Fear not, this week you’re in for an education with all the clarity and finesse of a featureless kid loaf.

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30 - Monkey Shines

JT is incensed to learn that Justin Timberlake (or “inferior JT”) plans a Melbourne concert on his birthday, stealing the spotlight. Stefan’s obsession with The Thong Song is matched by JT’s love of toothpaste. Both men have excellent teeth and dumps like a truck.

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29 - Captain America: The Winter Spoiler

The Level 30 ‘roid heads tear into Marvel’s latest cinematic outing, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, like a homeless person tears into a piece cheese.

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28 - Lines in the Sand

The only problem more complex than creating world peace is figuring out the rules of eating during time travel. This week we solve both.

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27 - Hindsight 2020

Somehow the ragtag bunch of arseholes known as Stefan & JT find time in between heading to discos, watching DC cartoons and seeing XCOM Avatars of themselves take rockets to the face to give their thoughts on the ragtag bunch of arseholes known as The Guardians of the Galaxy.

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