26 - Offcuts

A riveting look at a day in the lives of the Level 30 lads. Stefan sucks at being able to do stuff and JT sucks at catching the right train. Let’s forget it all and talk about a movies, books and the pending apocalypse instead…nope…not helping.

M4A: Download (Duration: 29:43 — 14.2 MB)

25 - Requiem for an Alien

There is much excitement at Level 30 Studios for the new Godzilla flick. The excitement is short lived though as JTeam reveals his embarrassing childhood secret and Stefan tricks people for fun and profit.

M4A: Download (Duration: 27:47 — 13.3 MB)

24 - Nuclear Skeleton Death Machine

The dudes are still getting back into the swing of things after a break from recording. Stefan tries to create a spoiler policy for the podcast, but seems to not remember a single word JT has ever said, which makes it hard. JT, meanwhile, has a New Best Food.

M4A: Download (Duration: 33:50 — 16.1 MB)

23 - El Monstruo Comegalletas

After dodging the paparazzi that follow their every famous move, the Level 30 celebs step back up to mics and make asses of themselves discussing a somewhat taboo topic. This episode is brought to you by the letter C for Cookie.

M4A: Download (Duration: 32:14 — 15.4 MB)

22 - Geeks V Sport: Fully Sick Mega Grouse

JT watches cricket for the first time and enjoys the drama so much he will never watch again ever. Sport reminds Stefan that he is “unAustralian”, although he did attend a football match once, which he likens to the X-Men in Murderworld.

M4A: Download (Duration: 30:13 — 14.4 MB)

21 - Scrubless in Seattle

After outlawing the all-too-common topics of Level 30 conversation, Stefan reveals his Latino music connection and a failed tennis career. Meanwhile, on the other side of the room Dr JT is in the house and has the podcast medicine for whatever ails ya! Not sure if you’ll like it? Suck it and see.

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20 - Los Nudos Crimos

JT loves the bible but hates Disney because they are about to hack apart the Star Wars Expanded Universe the same way they hacked apart his band one time. Stefan loves time travel, including the cerebral brain hate of Primer and the confected love sniffles of About Time.

M4A: Download (Duration: 33:36 — 16.0 MB)

19 - Galactus, Destroyer of Burger Worlds

Stefan made cheeseburgers including the buns and they were great but he didn’t invite JT to dinner because he only has one door and he was worried JT would eat it. Also, it’s totally a heat wave so we talk about nano-condoms, Ant Man, Sith vs Borg and Shia LeBouf. Sith LeBorg? Sorry.

M4A: Download (Duration: 35:14 — 16.8 MB)