18 - Shark Week

JT is a complex man. He hates Michael Bay. He has finished Breaking Bad. He follows sharks on Twitter. Stefan interrogates him about these things and more on another Level 30, where every conversation is inspired by the polite arguing of Margaret and David’s At The Movies.

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17 - Professor Kurt Noats

The consummate Level 30 professionals hit the mic’s on Jan 1 (post cheesecake breakfast binge) to bring their usual brand of Marvel comics flavoured excitement for the year ahead in film. In the interest of balance there’s also some disdain for Agents of SHIELD, a few Hallmark moments in supermarkets and Stefan’s new favourite Christmas movie.

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16 - Huge Sack of Spiders

Look, we were going to discuss a single topic, but we got distracted by Chiko Rolls and went off on a bit of a tangent. Fuelled by deep fried Mars Bars and an Adelaide ‘AB’, JT talks about his Kinect injury and Stefan admits that his Wii avatar has a weight problem. Do not listen while eating.

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15 - Ghost Driving Miss Daisy

See in the New Year with factoids about video game addiction, Calvin & Hobbes and hair style choices. There’s also Roku Boxes, science lessons, condescending salespeople and of course multiple renditions of the Breaking Bad theme*. It’s all as ridiculous as the idea of Ghost Rider driving a car.

*May not contain any renditions of the Breaking Bad theme.

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14 - Dr Who Christmas Special

Seasons Greetings! The blind lead the blind as Speckoid Stefan attempts to illuminate one of JT’s geek blindspots - Dr Who. JT also returns to the pulpit to dissect Breaking Bad S04 so he can finally watch S05 and close it out of the roster. (LOL @ Roster - SD)

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13 - An Adult Evening

Flashing back to 1986, the boys grieve for the loss of Optimus Prime and their childhood innocence. Overwhelmed with grief, the episode gradually turns to a complete blubbering mess of a discussion on what pop-culture moments make them cry. Bonus Feature: Discover the journalistic secrets of interviewing Voltar the Terrible.

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12 - Gandolfini’s Nip Line

This week the dudes struggle with their recent trip to the cinema to watch the romantic comedy Enough Said. It was good, but featured no lead-in scene to Guardians of the Galaxy. Also, JT is getting pretty deep into Breaking Bad.

M4A: Download (Duration: 34:34 — 16.1 MB)

11 - Thor: Thorry or Thatisfied? - Part 2

Picking up where their trolling cliffhanger left off, the Level 30 Thunder Gods strike down the suspense to create a tight ending to their epic two-part review of Thor: The Dark World. Warning: Your vacuum cleaner could be watching you.

M4A: Download (Duration: 40:03 — 18.7 MB)